Most of the adults wonder why they have wisdom teeth when they are oftentimes unnecessary and not useful for the eating process. Although anthropologists have traced the function that wisdom or the final set of molars have had in the past, long before our species had still discovered cooking food that softens it and utensils that crush and break food, most of the individuals who have them as well as dentists and surgeons prefer them to be removed.  


The wisdom teeth Reston has all the means to provide professional methods of wisdom teeth extraction. But what is wisdom teeth removal surgery anyway? Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed? How long will the healing process take place? These questions shall be answered in this article.  

1.Why is it necessary to be removed?  

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that will emerge at the early adult age, between 19 to 22. This toot is often unnecessary and oftentimes creates issues on the mouth, as the jaw is incapable of accommodating the extra tooth in the mouth due to evolutionary changes in the skull, jaw, and brain. The wisdom teeth create many issues such as pain, wounds, bacterial infection, negative impact on the adjacent teeth, and even to the point of teeth and mouth damage.  


Although it is advised to extract the wisdom tooth, the removal needs to be analyzed on a case-to-case basis.  


2.How is it removed? 

Wisdom teeth are removed through surgery done by expert oral surgeons and general dentists. In addition to this, it is advised that the expert is also skilled and knowledgeable in intra-venous sedation to provide optimal comfort to the patient.  


3.What happens after the surgery? 

The patient may experience discomfort, pain, and bleeding especially after the anesthesia’s effects. The patient will also be instructed to take analgesics at the right time. He/she will also be advised to bite cotton gauze for several hours for the bleeding.  


The recovery time depends on each case, although typically, it can last seven to ten days, depending on the care and maintenance done by the patient after the surgery.  


4.Does the patient need a driver to take him/her home after the surgery? 

If the patient is sedated during the extraction surgery, it is highly advised that he/she takes a driver to take her home. This is to minimize accidents caused by sedatives.  


5.How long does the medication need to be taken? 

The patient needs to follow the advice and instruction provided by the dentist or the surgeon. Typically, the medication involves five to seven days of antibiotics and three to seven days of analgesics.  


  1. Does the patient need to change their diet?

During the first days after the surgery, the patient is advised to eat foods that mostly contain water to avoid putting pressure on the wound caused by the surgery. The patient can eventually eat foods that are soft such as pudding until the healing process has been completed.  


Wisdom teeth extraction may sound intimidating at first especially when it is the patient’s first time. The article has provided answers to the common questions asked about the extraction surgery. We do hope that we were able to provide you the information you need regarding the wisdom teeth surgery.